This Summer Stay Cool with UNIQLO's AIRism Collection

What makes UNIQLO's AIRism Collection worth talking about — by Gear Patrol Studios

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For those unfamiliar, UNIQLO has become a beloved one-stop-shop for all kinds of basics. With everything from great running socks to hardy parkas, the inventors of ‘LifeWear’ know how to keep fans moving.

For existing fans, the brand needs no introduction. It’s beloved for a reason and with summer right around the corner, the company’s Spring/Summer line-up seems poised to deliver all the comfy go-tos we’ll need to beat the heat.

These technical garments are all you need to conquer every stop on your summer to-do list. Designed with you in mind, UNIQLO's AIRism collection is the most exciting place to build your summer wardrobe!

uniqlo airism shirt
Courtesy UNIQLO

The Backstory

LifeWear: Simple, High-Quality Everyday Clothing

UNIQLO is powered by a commitment to ‘LifeWear,’ which it describes as clothing ‘designed to make everyone’s life better.’ This idea empowers the brand’s consistently practical collections and explains why you can pretty much find something (if not anything) you need on any given day.

The brand goes on to call its clothing, ‘ingenious in detail, thought through with life’s needs in mind and always evolving.’ That dedication to change is what gave us HEATTECH, Ultra Light Down and, for the warmer months, AIRism.

The Gist

AIRism: The Secret to Ultimate Comfort

This summer, prepare to feel fresh all day. UNIQLO's AIRism technology is designed to power a wide range of warm-weather styles that can keep you comfortable through every hot, humid trek.

To prevent stickiness, the AIRism fabric is spun extra smooth with ultra-fine fibers that absorb and instantly wick away sweat. Garments also boast a deodorizing functionality designed to neutralize and eliminate odor sources.

UNIQLO has been developing and updating this textile for nearly a decade, constantly improving the line's benefits, comfort and overall fit. AIRism is available across everything from inner-wear to activewear to shirts, including one of our favorite styles: the oversized U AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Tee. Now available for less than $20 in nine different colors, this ultra-smooth, lightweight tee is sure to become your new favorite go-to.

So explore the collection today to revolutionize your summer! There's something for everyone, and you're sure to find something you love in just seconds on the site...


Spend This Summer in UNIQLO's AIRism

While UNIQLO has tapped its AIRism technology to produce a wide range of styles, it’s hard to beat the U AIRism Oversized Cotton Tee. It’s effortlessly cool and an absolute one-and-done, no-brainer.

Designed for everything from a casual hike to a hardy bike ride to the beach, you’ll feel great tackling every day — or night — in this piece. That said, there's nothing wrong with harnessing AIRism tech all the way from top to bottom. That's why the brand even developed a pair of AIRism Ultra Seamless Boxer Briefs.

These quick-drying briefs are designed to sit smoothly on your skin, and never become too hot. They're a great piece of summer gear, but they haven't arrived alone. Instead, the briefs are part of UNIQLO's larger assortment of AIRism equipped undergarments and 'inner-wear.' Fans who shop the full collection will find a wide range of tailored boxers, undershirts and boxer briefs, so you can bring home the best fit for your wardrobe.

So shop the full AIRism collection today to optimize your summer wardrobe, because one thing’s for sure: Warm weather waits for no one!

Price: $19.90


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