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The James Brand's Newest Knife Is Slimmer Than a Pack of Gum

While The Ellis Slim may not keep your breath minty, it will keep your EDC kit fresh.

the ellis slim knife
The James Brand

EDC kits have grown from a simple collection of everyday items to a veritable treasure trove of endless options you can stuff in your pockets before you leave your house for the day. But have you ever left your pocket knife at home because you were too weighed down with all of your "essentials"?

Today, The James Brand solves that problem with its newest release, the Ellis Slim, which it says is slimmer than a pack of gum. So for any EDC enthusiasts who were stuck choosing between minty fresh breath and the ability to slice, dice and cut to your heart's content... now you can easily bring both.

The Ellis Slim is built off the foundation of the Ellis and Elko family, The James Brand's slip-joint pocket knives. The design language of the Ellis Slim mirrors that of its bulkier older brother, but with one major tweak: TJB said "See ya" to the scissors, which significantly streamlined its new knife.

Available in both straight blade and serrated options, the Ellis Slim comes with either G10 or aluminum scales and the same 2.6-inch Sandvik 12C27 steel blade featured on the Ellis. Like the original, it features a deep carry wire clip, proprietary scraper, flat-head screwdriver and pry bar. It is nearly an ounce lighter than its big brother (1.8 ounces vs 2.6) and costs $30 less.

If you're looking for a way to lighten up your EDC kit, but want to maintain utility, this compelling new release should pique some interest.

The James Brand

The James Brand The Ellis Slim - Straight Blade

The James Brand

The James Brand The Ellis Slim - Serrated Blade


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