The Living Vehicle 2024 HD Trailer: Everything You Need to Know

Leave home for an indefinite period of time, with even nicer amenities than you left behind.

living vehicle trailer in the snow with mountains in the backdrop
Matt Wier

Living Vehicle builds some of our favorite camping trailers, essentially luxury apartments on wheels that can include innovative tech like an atmosphere water generator system. Living Vehicle just unveiled its latest model, the 2024 HD Series, which it calls the "most powerful, solar-powered, all-electric luxury travel trailer on Earth."

Here's what you need to know about the Living Vehicle 2024 HD Series.

living vehicle rooftop trailer solar array
The Living Vehicle HD series has all the rooftop solar panels.
Living Vehicle

How much power does the Living Vehicle 2024 HD Series produce?

Quite a bit. Living Vehicle's HD Series trailer features a 72 kWh battery pack for storage — similar in size to the one in a small car — and up to 18 kW of power. Living Vehicle also moved the AC system underneath the floor, allowing "wall-to-wall" rooftop solar panels to generate up to 6 kW. Units can also be configured with backup fuel options.

The trailer can store up to 100 gallons of water. And that supply can be continually replenished. The HD Series features the aforementioned WaterGen "Water from Air" technology that can produce up to five gallons of water per day by extracting moisture from the air.

living vehicle trailer bed
The Living Vehicle HD Series can accommodate up to eight adult sleepers — and an indeterminate number of canines.
Matt Wier

How many people can sleep in the Living Vehicle 2024 HD Series?

Space won't be a concern in the Living Vehicle 2024 HD Series. Depending on the selected floorplan, the trailer can accommodate up to eight sleeping adults and offer up to 150 square feet of storage space with a six-foot full-height closet.

Available amenities include a 4K Home Theater, a customizable Creative Studio with Apple devices , and a Starlink Flat Satellite dish for the ultimate work-from-wherever setup. And don't forget the spa-style rain shower.

living vehicle hd series trailer in the snow
As the snow suggests, the insulated Living Vehicle HD series can operate in winter at temps as low as -4ºF.
Matt Wier

Is the Living Vehicle 2024 HD Series four season?

Yes, unless you're somewhere that gets truly frigid in the winter. The Living Vehicle HD Series is fully insulated with rigid closed-cell foam insulation. With a 240V Mini-Split electric heating system and an efficient 24K BTU air conditioner system, the trailer can operate from -4ºF to more than 120ºF.

living vehicle trailer interior
The Living Vehicle HD Series is pricey, but it would be hard to find finishes this nice on the housing market for the same price.
Matt Wier

How much does the Living Vehicle 2024 HD Series cost?

Quite a bit. Living Vehicle is currently accepting HD model orders for 2024 delivery slots (the 2023 allotment is sold out). The HD Series trailers start at $459,995. That's a lot for a vacation vehicle. But alternatively, it would be hard to find this nice of accommodations for that price in the housing market.


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